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Best Times for Hiking Mount Nyiragongo Volcano DR.Congo-Virunga Park

/Best Times for Hiking Mount Nyiragongo Volcano DR.Congo-Virunga Park
Best Times for Hiking Mount Nyiragongo Volcano DR.Congo-Virunga Park2018-08-02T07:59:56+00:00
What to see at Mount Nyiragongo Volcano DR.Congo- Virunga Park
Tour Mount Nyiragongo Active Volcano Virunga National Park, mount Nyiragongo the volcano rim in the pitch-black darkness, Lava Lake and world’s biggest active volcano called mount Nyiragongo located in Virunga National Park DR-Congo bordering with Uganda and Rwanda, all our tours and safaris in starts and ends in Rwanda or Uganda because it is the easiest way to access climbing mount Nyiragongo where you can track mountain gorillas and mount Nyiragongo hiking. On you first night to mount Nyiragongo trekking will explore the Goma Town, this town lies in the shadow of Nyiragongo it is just 30 mints drive to the starting point of Kibati village with park ranger station, you get a chance to see the recent eruptions had destroyed of 2002, Virunga is also Africa’s oldest national park with one of the largest active volcano the lava lake mount Nyiragongo. Apart from mount Nyiragongo volcano Virunga National Park have many other attractions like many different types of monkeys, hiking activities, chimpanzees trekking, mountain gorillas trekking and many bird species. Mount Nyiragongo summit sometime it can be in the clouds which makes it had for photographers and some of our film crew clients but being that you spend there a whole evening, nigh and even in the morning before climbing down you will defiantly get a chance to see the lava lake with clear sky also on when the clouds clears you get a good view of Goma town, lake Kivu and many parts of Rwanda.